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Contact MKN Advisory Services LLP if your business is either

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  • In need of realignment due to adverse market conditions

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Our service offerings are based upon three main practice areas.

Operational Excellence

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Managing Change

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Our Insights

We are focused on identifying and delivering measurable strategic value to our clients.

Service RPA vs Manufacturing Robotics

published on 11th February 2020

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is in large part the automation of basic tasks that a human can do with a computer, a simple example being the automation of payroll processing. In recent years the success of companies such as Automation Anywhere, Pega systems, UniPath and Blue Prism proves that such technology has value to business...

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The Blockchain Supply Chain; the quest for the holy grail of supply chain integration.

published on 2nd July 2018

For those of us involved at the interface between technology and organizational transformation it is hard to ignore the revolutionary potential of blockchain. Q: What is a Blockchain? A: Put simply, it is a safe way of hanging together substantial amounts of information to create one secure source of truth. Q: Is there a difference...

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Resisting Change at the Local Level

published on 2nd August 2016

As a parent with young children frequent visits to our local medical centre have become a recurring habit. When comparing stories with my wife one evening it came to my mind that our medical centre offered a representative example of how technology is rejected within organizations. To explain, the region of the UK that we...

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