Capability Building

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Identifying the organizational capabilities required and then building that capability is critical to an organization's performance.

That is why we put the development of people at the centre of all our engagements. In particular we focus on:

  • Capability assessments
  • Individual and organisational development plans
  • In-house training design and delivery for lean process improvement, change management and operational strategy

Case Study

Organisation: Banking

The challenge:

The Bank sought to break its reliance on consulting firms by building its own internal process improvement capability.

What we did:

  • Designed and ran a baseline capability review of all 43 process improvement leads across the customer service back office
  • Conducted a strategic review of the Strategy & Change function by way of interviews and behavioural profiling (Myers-Briggs and Hartman)
  • Presented findings and subsequent development pathways to each Department lead
  • Developed and delivered the content for the ‘Process Improvement Network’, an internal developmental network for all levels of process improvement involvement
  • Selected a fast track cohort for tailored green belt lean training and mentoring
  • Scoped and facilitated the selection of process improvement projects

The result:

Successfully built a new internal process improvement capability and generated a return on investment of 1,067%.

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